Live. Inspire. Create.

Creating jewelry is my outlet and my greatest passion. I am inspired by people’s style and unique self-adornment.

I have always loved crafting and arts: mixed media collage, writing poetry, short stores and later jewelry. I started making jewelry when I was a pregnant with my now nine year old son. I never made a profit, but I did receive a lot of positive feedback. I developed skills in basic wire wrapping and metal jewelry working, which would help me in the future.

My once chunky boho style jewelry style (circa 2006) has evolved into a modern every day style with an edge. I have a passion for bold shapes and raw brass material. As I continue to grow, learn new skills and discover new shapes the possibilities are endless.

I currently work full time in social services and I also have my son full time. It's a wild circus, but we are making it and I'm so blessed. I hope to one day do this gig full time. For now, I thank you for stopping by and reading a little bit about me.

I also thank you for supporting local and handmade arts. I'll leave you with one of my favorite poems.


I wondered today
if all the things
I am making
my two hands,
my ten fingers,
my one mind,
are actually making me?
As I bring more into existence
out of the nothing
that lives around
are more pieces
of me
being brought to life
at the same

Tyler Knott Gregson

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